1) We still treat our elders with respect...you should too. Also, it’s a good idea to call your mom...she’s probably worrying about you right now.

 2) Most pedestrians in Southern Oregon know that the vehicles are bigger than they are. Those individuals will be cautious while crossing the streets...however, there is one town (that will remain nameless), where the pedestrians are a bit naive to the laws of physics. Just follow the rules of the road, keeping everyone’s safety in mind while you’re out driving and everything should be fine.  

 3) The weather is GREAT! We get all four seasons, and usually about the time you get sick of the weather...it changes.

 4) It’s okay to smile! REALLY...Southern Oregon is a friendly, courteous place. Even though we’ve been steadily expanding, we’re still operating under a Small Town Mentality where it’s safe to smile, say hello when you pass by, and even wave or nod to complete strangers. They may not always wave back...if they don’t  - they’re probably from out of town and haven’t found our blog.  ;)

 5) It’s completely okay to talk to the folks checking you out at the grocery stores! SMALL TOWNS!!!...take a deep breath...now SMILE!  :)    Bigger.   :D      Very Gooooood!

 6) Creativity lurks in every corner. Get out and enjoy symphonies, plays, movies in the park, First Friday art walks, a variety of live music venues, craft fairs, and more.

 7) We have really good food! There are a variety of restaurants from quick-easy to take-your-time fine dining. Cuisine with flair and flavor from all over...American, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, German, Hawaiian, and more! Quite Yummy!

 8) Things to Do: Fishing, Hiking, Biking, Movies, Jet Boat Excursions, Fairs, Wine Tasting, all the things listed in Thing #6 “Creativity Lurking”, Antique Malls, Skiing, Water Slides, ...more than I could possibly think up for you in one blog post!

 9) Location, location, location. Just a few hours drive from the ocean, but inland enough to keep the sand out of your eyes! Beautiful mountains, lots of trees, and amazing wildlife!

 10) Most Native Southern Oregonians have true skills...like baking bread from scratch, sewing, carpentry, canning, fishing, hunting, gardening, distilling, horsemanship, etc...SO, if you can’t figure something out, ask...or go to YouTube. ;)